Getting the Love You Want
Imago Couples Workshops in San Diego

Workshop Dates

September 28-29
November 9-10


Please register online at or call 760.632.9699

The “Getting the Love You Want” workshop for couples is an educational, inspirational, motivational and entertaining two day event. The weekend is designed for committed couples of all gender combinations. You will be introduced to Imago Theory and Practice through the artful weave of small lectures, demonstrations, private work on your own, private work as a couple, guided imagery, energetic fun exercises, movie clips, music, and much more.

The Imago Couples Workshop is for you if:

What you will discover in a “Getting the Love You Want” workshop for couples:

Patty Mangini, PhD, Michael Scott MFT and Maria Monroe MFT present Harville Hendrix’s remarkable couples workshop in San Diego, California. They work as a team to combine their unique gifts, talents and styles. All are licensed psychotherapists in California and are certified Imago therapists and workshop presenters. Together they have decades of relational experience and training. They bring skill and passion to the work of relational healing, growth and nurturing.