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Imago Relationship Therapy

Quantum Physics teaches and provides evidence that everything is related. I have specialized my skills and practice in the area of attracting, beginning, nurturing, maintaining, and enjoying relationships. I appreciate all of the “relational paradigms” that have evolved in psychology over the last 25 years. The one I most appreciate for it’s comprehensive theory and structured practicality is Imago Relationship Therapy. Founded in the 1980’s by Harville Hendrix, PhD, his book “Getting the Love You Want” is the basic description of this theory and practice.

I work with individuals and couples and groups of people in various settings. I usually:

  1. See Couples in 1 1/2 hour sessions
  2. See Couples in intensive 3-5 hour sessions (when requested)
  3. See parents and individuals in 50 minute sessions (longer sessions for individuals available on request)
  4. Present two-day “Getting the Love You Want” couples workshops every other month
  5. Present one-day “Start Right, Stay Connected” workshops for couples contemplating marriage, partnership and long term commitments.
  6. Consult with and educate groups, service agencies, and institutions on the advantages of integrating a dialogical culture in their organization or business.