My fee schedule is as follows:

Individual Session
50 minutes$160
Couples Session
50 minutes$160
1 Hour, 15 Minutes$235
1 Hour, 30 Minutes$270
3 Hours$450
Couples Group*
2 - 3 hours$160 per couple
* Meets every two weeks for two to three hours depending on the number of couples in the group. Meets on a Saturday morning starting at 9 am. A twelve week commitment is required.

Most individuals and couples pay for their sessions at each appointment. If you have insurance that will reimburse you for your therapy work, I will be happy to supply the forms and information the company will require from me. Your insurance policy is between you and your company. It is wise and responsible to be fully informed about your policy, what it will cover or not cover, deductibles and any other conditions the company may place on mental health coverage.

If you would like to make an appointment, please call my business phone or send me a short email and provide your name, phone numbers and a few good times to reach you. When I return your call, we can have a brief conversation about your reasons for seeking therapy and any other questions or concerns you might have.

After we have talked on the phone and an appointment has been made, you can download and print the necessary forms and have them prepared ahead of time for your first appointment. I will be happy to talk with you on the phone prior to any appointments to answer your questions and share your reasons for seeking therapy.